All Times Exist Now (2017)

All times exist now. The past lies in the present, the future lies in the present, it all lies here right now. What has happened on this land still happens around us — it happens through the actions of people now, it happens in the results of what happened in the past, but it is all still happening — the murders are still happening, all around us. Of course we have troubles in this country, because the murders are still happening. All around us they are happening. Grief and horror and terror held in this country, undischarged, unresolved, because the murders are still happening.

But we also hold the future too, the future is happening right now around us. We cannot see it. We only hope that things get better. Some things get better. Some things get harder. In the future will there be humans? Or animals and birds? Plants in the ground or the water? Perhaps only minerals. But they all exist now too.

When you close your eyes and stand on the street, you can feel it. When you look at the headlines and wonder how one more person in the U.S. can shoot multiple people with a gun, you can feel it. That’s because the murders are still happening. This is called the second amendment. We must all have the right, as if enshrined in nature, the right to have weapons in our hands that can kill. At any time, at all times.

When you look at the people you can see it. We are shellshocked from perpetual war, from rejection and humiliation and being beaten down into being unsure of where we are, who we are, and what we are doing. That is because the murders are still happening, and we are supposed to be happy about it. Because the murders of those people is somehow better, that it is somehow the way, the only way, that we can be here.

We are addicted to the murders. Without the murders we wouldn’t be here. Without the murders we would be locked away somewhere else, trying to be free. With the murders we are locked away here instead, locked away in our minds far from other people, thinking that somehow we are here when instead we are not free. Freedom is an illusion.

All times exist now. What was happening then is still happening now. It is still happening all around us and that is why we are not at peace. That is why things don’t make sense. People carried all that here, inflicted it on others, and now we are here and we have inherited it all. All of it. We are here now with all of the things that happened in the past that are still happening in the present. We are here now with all of the things that will happen in the future. We don’t know what that is, the things in the future, that are around us now.

It is all held by the land. It is all here. All times are here, now.